This is the place for all those into the Rocker Cafe Kustom lifestyle, who like doing the ton and talking bikes. Emphasis here is on Motorcycles, Rock n Roll, Punk and the Rocker lifestyle, not politics or moaning about how tough life is. We are part of the global Ton-Up Club that started in America. This forum is used by official Ton-Up members and is a closed forum, but access is not limited to members only. If you would like to gain access, send an email request with a little bit of information about yourself and why you'd like to join the Ton-Up London forum to You will be required to join Delphi Forums, but there is no charge for this.

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Come on in and meet the crew!

18 and older only, please.

NOTE: access to the forum does not imply an interest by either you or us in actual club membership. The forum is open to anyone who likes to take the piss, has a thick skin and loves bikes! Wankers or lurkers will not be tolerated, so we reserve the right to delete your access at any time if we feel you aren't fitting in or you simply aren't posting.

Club membership is by invitation only, so please do not inquire about it.
This is not a "pay to play" club where anyone who asks can get in.
If we think you've got the right attitude, we'll contact you.

If you already have access to the forum, you may enter HERE.